Lubov Kannika and her vases
Artist Statement

Despite the fact that Lubov Kannika is a new name in the ceramic art world, one can’t see her as shy. Experimenting freely with mixed materials, unusual techniques and bold colours, Lubov is creating atypical shapes be it a vessel or a sculptural form.

Inspired by architectural forms, set design, staged photography, pop culture and quotidian imagery, Lubov is weaving her work as an uncanny collage, blending into it traces of memories of forms, colour and shape.

Her works are always on the edge: seemingly classical, vessel-shaped or geometric, they challenge the norms of ceramic art in it’s classical form. Being self-taught and liberated from all the norms and dogmas, Lubov follows her creative instinct.

She uses unusual hand-building techniques, developing her own aesthetic norms, paints her work with acrylic colour and alternative finishes, creating her own unique artistic language.



• 2013-2014 International School of Design, Interior designer (Russia)
• 2006-2010 Russian College of Traditional Culture, Wood painting artist (Russia)

Work experience:

• 2022—.... Ceramic artist


• January 2023 Suite Beauty x Kannika. Limited edition of fabrick candles, St. Petersburg, Russia
• September 2022 "1000 vases" within Maison & Object (Paris, France)
• July 2022 "Starting Point", get art fit x ceramania, (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Lubov Kannika and her vases